Sunday, February 06, 2005

Whats the point?

According to this article the delhi government has banned the use of mobile phones in schools. all this after the sensational MMS scandal that took place a few months back which also lead to arrests of a student and a ceo of a auction company, well is this fair?

Was really technology with those kids the problem or was it something else? Why were the kids in such a situation in the first place? What do we blame for this media outburst?

Today MMS and Tsunami are two words that mean not what they are.. MMS means sex and Tsunami means death these words are totally redefined.

The other reason why i am writing this is because of i just came back from watching an episode of "We the people" on NDTV and was just thinking that, is the media doing a little too much in this case? One thing i can surely tell is that the MMS of those kids circulated like wild fire when the news broke out and more people saw the clip than if the news never came out..

so my question is where do we draw the line of letting the people know the truth and not make it free advertising for the wrong things? there is really stupid irrelevant news now a days on these news channels.. even the newspapers have lost it.. there was once this news of two kids who wanted to launch a rocket that they made... for the few days they were covered and then the media totally seems to have forgotten them.. but the news of a girl giving someone a BJ is still on and manages to have public debates on it(sex sells),, yes i know the issue may be more important than two kids science project but then lets talk about that, the actual point not about why a mobile phone or the Internet is bad.. don't blame it.. the problem is something else.

The message we are sending out is that having underage sex is ok but using hi tech mobile phones is not. So kids will still do what they are doing, but now they will be careful not to use a cellphone when doing it. I am sure they are intelligent enough to figure this out

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armadillo said...

It is strikingly true, wherein in a repressed society like ours, they strive for preserving more stupid values. As u say, now underage sex becomes okay without a media appliance. A better option is a more open society for individuals to chose their own values without interference. Societies where universities provide condoms are more healthier than the societies where there is a rule for punishing girls and boys who chat in the univ road after 6 pm (unfortunately i graduated in such a graveyard, finally fought the whole system and managed myself a nice fiance :-) i wish adults are more sensible