Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hi there

Today a few friends and me had been to this forest reserve about 100 km from Bangalore. At the place where we too a halt we were suddenly surrounded by about 20-30 monkeys! this one was sitting on one tree!


Maran said...

An ambush to get your camera!

Balaji Anand said...

Good one Nish, The curious/scared expression on the monkey's face is nicely captured.

Suyog said...

Nice one there Nish. The posture and emotions on the face of the monkey really stand out. What I also liked were the yellow flowers blurred in the background. Makes the picture even beautiful. The only suggestion that I have is maybe the monkey could have been a little off center.

leova (↑) said...

i like it tooo!
very funny

Nish said...

Thanks for all the comments :)

Suyog : i got a pic with this guy offcentered, i was in full zoom (360) and this pic got a cool expression! It was nice to actually shoot for the first time an animal in the wild!