Thursday, February 24, 2005

Long way to go..


Oscar said...

Now we're talking! There's nothing not to like about this one. Composition is superb and so very well balanced. This is the kind of photograph that tells a story by itself, but also speaks (to us foreigners) about India as well as it tells a lot about it's author.
Nish, please don't get me wrong, or let my stupid comments rub you the wrong way. Comments are subjective at best, and only express (in this case) the opinions of those of us who come back and again to enjoy your work. In the end you only have to shoot what you like and the way you like it. Your sincere friend, Oscar

Suyog said...

Nish, Wonderful picture with a lot of depth. Just one suggestion, the picture would have looked better if it was in pure B/W rather than the pinkish tone that it has right now.

Balaji Anand said...

Good one Nish, The picture speaks for itself, Very well composed, This is one my favorite picture of yours.

Sudarshan said...

I agree with could have been better in plain black and white.

leova (↑) said...


Srikanth said...

Nice picture Nishant, this is good, but i was thinking how about keeping the track in the middle of the picture than slightly to right as it is now..

Nish said...

Thanks guys for all the comments :)

Oscar : Thanks for your comments! i now know where you are coming from! thanks again :)

Suyog & Sudarshan : thanks guys! well this one was clicked in bw first and then i changed the tone! probably would have looked better that way only..

Balaji & Leova : Thanks again for the comments :)

Srikanth : On that day i was on the track for some other kind of photographs when i saw this guy passing by and he started walking on the tracks.. well if i would have centered the tracks then this guy would have come in an angle and the feel of distance to travel was not coming thru! With the one of the tracks in near the middle i feel the eye moves from the bottom of the screen to the top and shows the distance and the guy has to go :) the other thing was to compose the guy in the mddle of the screen.. one more thing was the electric poles on either sides and the top! when i went in the middle of the track they used to throw the balance totally off (i had this problem with the other pics).

I would like to know what you and the others think about this.. just a small discussion on compostions :)

Oscar said...

Nish, I agree with you. The sunject of the photo is the walking man. Thus, by centering the man and leaving the tracks slightly off-center, you achieved a sense of depth AND distance. You are a natural when it comes to composing a shot on the fly. I had forgotten to mention that I, as well as Suyog, would have liked it better in B&W, but the fact remains that it still is a beautiful photo.

Zishaan said...

Love the composition. Excellent! Not sure about the tone though.

Abhi said...

Nish, I'd have to say the same as above... I like the shot, but I'm not sure about the pink tone. Perhaps more of a brownish sepia if you tone it at all?

Srikanth said...

Looking at the picture carefully, i think you are right in this composition.
1. The track which is in the center, along which this man was walking in the main focus of the picture, and the person is not really in focus. So the main subject is straight line which he is following..
2. You would have missed the symmetry of frame like electrical poles along the track.

owen said...

Nish, thanks for all the comments you've been leaving on my site recently. I really appreciate it.

i think your blog is great and although I don't always comment I do make a point of stopping by every day.

This pic is just fantastic. I think the composition is perfect, and the colourisation gives it a timeless quality. Like Abhi, I wonder what it would look like in sepia?

Well done!