Friday, February 04, 2005

Is this Microsoft's fault?

I came across this article where the author is wondering why windows sucks? and asks why don't all people move to mac.. well i am using windows since its 3.1 version to the xp version today, and have used it probably every day since then. i think that he has to live with all the problems that come bundled with using a windows system.i too faced the same problem that the authors friend had with a new dsl connection, i got a new connection and within 30 Min's my machine was useless for me. but after that i got norton Internet security installed and not one problem after that for more than six months... another reason for that is using Firefox as a browser.. this is simple and effective..
to the question of why windows sucks? well cant help it. if a majority of computer users were on macs software guys would surely work on some way to have 100's of popups, spyware and other things on it too.. how else would the Internet and imarketing survive?
Websites, News Portals, Auction portals what do they do? spread information and advertise, advertising works when the right customer is targeted, and on the Internet you don't know if the user is your kind of customer or your target.. one way of knowing is by tracking/seeing what kind of stuff he/she does on the net and know what kind of person they are looking at.. don't credit card companies, telemarketing companies do this? i use my card a few times in a store and the next thing i get is a mailer with offers of a similar store who has tied up with the card company.. what is this? just plain and simple spy ware, cookies whatever but this is important for marketing,,, i cant believe that this would not happen if 80% of the worlds computer users were mac users.

And how can i forget this.. Games where are they on a mac?

The other feature is ease of use that MS delivers, what else would explain using Microsoft Word on a mac???

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