Thursday, February 03, 2005


On my way back from work today, there was this incident where a person on a bike avoided another vehicle and avoided an accident, which got me thinking about something, whats faster, light or the mind? I have heard people tell me that the mind is a million times faster than light there is nothing faster that it.
Well light travels pretty fast as we know, some 300,000 km per second so if the mind has to be faster, the body would react before the eye sees it, reason being rays of light from the incident have not yet reflected from the subject to the eye and generated an image in the.. :) mind?? but this is also because the mind is equipped to approximate the next position of an object and make decisions accordingly.. so whats fast?
This took me to another tangent.. how fast will a computer be in the future? probably only as fast as electricity can travel? and finally one day networks would be faster because of optical fiber technology?

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You might be interested in the concept of quantum computing, which deals with some of these issues. One site with some info is:

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