Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Teacup again

Playing with the composition here!


Siddharth said...

hey cool idea :-)
And what again? Not again for someone new to your blog.
Don't you think there's too much white in here though?

Maran said...

Oh! I get it, coffee stains!

Suyog said...

Hi Nish, have always loved this series of yours. In fact, I have been tempted to try out something similar but am afraid I would be accused of plagarism :-)

Given any thought to having contrasting contents in the cups like tea and milk or coffee and milk? Should be interesting.

owen said...

wonderful composition Nish! I love all that white space and the offset mug of coffee disappearing out of the shot. Great contrasts!

Nish said...

Thanks guys for the comments!

Siddarth : This was the one in which i was experimenting with white space here! love playing with it!

Maran : :)

Suyog : Would love to see your versions! i dont believe that there can be plagarism in photography! you cant change a subject! and it would look the same to you and me and to the camera! we all here are just learning to play with items and capture them in a way we think it looks best!

Owen: Thanks for your comments :)

malinda said...

Great composition! I too love the white space and the coffee rings add the perfrect touch to the photo. :)

cube said...

awe, lovely. great composition. i like it a lot.

perspective said...

i just loved this one... very interesting and simplistic composition.
good work Nish