Saturday, April 02, 2005

Little beauty


Suyog said...

Hey nice colours! where did you capture these?

Vinu Valoth said...

Hi Nish,
Shouldn't the focus more sharp or is this the way you planned?

Nish said...

Thanks Suyog and Vinu :)
Suyog : These are the small flowers you see everywhere donno the name but they get small black berries on them!

Vinu : Yes the focus is not very sharp! thats because i had the macro filter on when clicking this and the dof was very shallow.. but the shallow dof made these flowers loook bigger than what they are so i didnt mind the lack of focus!

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Gud one Nich.. gud color..
Nish, u shot this at Hebbal rt?


I didn't mind the soft focus; though I'd have liked it more if a thin plane were. This is Lantana -- I don't know which subspecies :-)