Thursday, May 05, 2005

Roots and above


Doom said...

Hey Nish,

Do you go to cubbon park every other day or was all the pics taken on a single day?

Try Lalbagh for a change :)

vishnoi said...

nice choice for a B/W

Maran said...

Should do a close up.

:: S-a-t-z :: said...

I feel the lighting in this pic is lill diff from ur regulars shots!!

But I like this pic.. I like the ligting.. it looks gud:-)

Srikar said...

I like this one. It's got that creepy, ghostly look...

owen said...

cool tree - was this taken on an overcast day?


Good shot Nish. I see the bench of "waiting" at the corner -- isn't it?

Lara Barrett said...

What a beautiful tree--I love the person sitting on the bench off in the distance...looks like a great park!

Sudarshan said...

Thats one sexy tree well captured. Nice one indeed.

riff said...

The detail in this is astounding!

Suyog said...

Nice perspective! Looks really good in BW (or is it the Sepia mode here?).

Nish said...

Thank you for all your comments :)

Rachan : They were clicked on the same day :) but i was there today too... so more to come

Ashish : thanks man

Maran : this is as wide my camera can get :(

Satz : this one was with the sun behind and a bit later thats why the light is different :)

Seikar : yeah i added the brownish tinge to make it friendly actually :)

Owen : yes it was a bit overcast and early in the morning.

Kousik : yes same day same place :)

Lara : Yes the tree is amazing.. wish i had a wider lens.

Sudarshan : Thanks man! and welcome back :)

riff : thank you :)

Suyog : Thanks. i clicked this one in bw and added the tone on ps.. i like to have a choice of giving the picture a cold or warm look.

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