Sunday, March 20, 2005

Urban Sunset


:: S-a-t-z :: said...

Where was this?
Otherday when comming on Outer Ring Road Sunset was b'ful..

Maran said...

Don't tell me you didn't shoot the full yoke man! Anyways it's still a good shot.

Sudarshan said...

What filter did you use? Awesome orange it is!

Suyog said...

Nice one Nish! Love the orange in this.

.F.L.A.V.O.U.R.S. said...

Ahh!! I can almost squeeze it to get a glassful of Vitamin C..

Delicious shot!


Nish said...

Thanks everybody for your comments :)

Satz : This was clicked from the terrace of my apartment :)

Maran : yes i got one full i was up and was planning some shots.. got a few and when the sun sets its real fast i was running across for shots and when i got good ones the sun was already down..

Sudarshan : No filters used here! pure sun orange :)

Suyog : Thanks man! i too really loved the orange!

Thakkar : Thanks for visiting :) do drop in again

Vinu Valoth said...

Nish this is a amazing picture...i love the color.

Anonymous said...

Miles (mute)

Beautiful colour, perfectly smooth!

Anonymous said...

I soak myself in color that the sun casts .. yellow, red and orange fading away into the darkness only to return again..

perfect shot dude :)

malinda said...

Stunning! What a wonderful shot!